General Store information


Q. What are the opening hours of my local store?

We have a listed down the opening hours for all our stores in the Shop info section please visit the section to learn more.


Q. Which is the store closest to me? 

Please visit our Shop info section, type in your location, and it will bring up the store nearest to you.

Delivery Information


Q. Is there a minimum order spend?

No, there is no minimum order value for our grocery delivery services. 

Q. Do you charge for delivery?

We offer free delivery within Dubai for a minimum purchase of 100 AED. Please consult with your closest store for more information.

Q. Can I reserve a delivery slot?

Your nearest store can help you reserve your delivery slot.

QWhere is my delivery or late deliveries?

Our branch will attempt to contact you if the delivery is delayed. If your delivery hasn't arrived within your booked slot and you haven't heard from us, please contact our Customer Care Team on 800327 who will be happy to assist.


Q. What type of payment cards can I use in-store?

We accept the following payment methods in our stores:


Cash, Credit/Debit cards, Store Coupons, Gift Cards.



Q. I have a gift voucher; how can I use it?

The Emcoop gift voucher can be used only for full payment at any Emcoop hypermarket or Emcoop Supermarket stores in the UAE. Emcoop Gift vouchers have an expiry date mentioned on the voucher.


Q. I seem to have been charged twice for the same transaction. What should I do?

Please consult our customer service desk or email us at [email protected]


Q. What shall I do if I've been overcharged?

Please consult our customer service desk or email us at [email protected]


Q. How do we earn Mazaya points?

You earn points while shopping in-store or online. Your points are accumulated in your account and your Mazaya points can be redeemed as discounts in-store, online, and via your mobile application. Every 80 points give you AED 1.00.


Product information

Q. Can you reserve item(s)s for me to collect at a later date?

Sorry, we operate on a 'first come first served' policy on all our stock. To keep things fair, we don't reserve any stock in our stores.


Q. I'd like to purchase a large amount of stock from your store. Is there a limit?

For Bulk/ corporate orders kindly contact [email protected]

*Not applicable for promotion item(s)s


Product complaints

Q. I've been disappointed with the quality of a product I've purchased. What should I do?

We are very sorry you have had a bad experience. Please consult our customer service desk or reach our customer services on [email protected], we’ll be happy to listen to you.


Q. I've purchased an out of date product from you. What should I do?

We are very sorry you have had a bad experience. Please kindly return to the store at your earliest convenience so this issue can be investigated.


Q. I've noticed that the price of a product has risen in price recently. Why is this?

Price increases are often out of our control. We do try to hold these back as long as possible because our aim is to offer our customers the best quality, value for money and service that we can. Our buyers work very hard to negotiate the best prices available and when we do obtain any price reductions we pass them on to our customers immediately.


General Information

Q. How can I find out about vacancies?

All of our vacancies can be found on our Careers page.


Q. How do I apply for a job?

Please visit our Careers page and submit your application. If we consider your application valid, you will be contacted ASAP by our recruitment Team.


New Suppliers


Q. I'm based in the UAE and I am interested in supplying a product to you to sell in your stores. What should I do?


Please visit our Contact us page and fill and submit the contact form. We will then forward your interest to our buying teams.


Q. I'm based outside of the UAE and I am interested in supplying a product to you to sell in your stores. What should I do?

Please visit our Contact us page and fill and submit the contact form. We will then forward your interest to our buying teams.


Emirates Coop App FAQs:

Q. What is the app for?

The Emirates Coop app allows you to shop online, and place grocery delivery orders from emcoop.ae.

It's available for iOS users via the App Store and Android users via the Google Play Store.

*On both the Android & iOS version, you'll be able to also view your Mazaya card.

Q. What devices can I use the app on?

The iOS app is built for devices running iOS 11 or above - meaning the app is incompatible with devices released prior to the iPhone 5s (including iPhone 5c and iPhone 5). The Android app will run on Android versions 5.0 (Lollipop) and above.

Q. Is the app free to download?

Yes, downloading the app is free of charge.

Q. What account do I use to sign in on the app?

You have to create a new account on the app/or Emcoop.ae, we will prompt you to add in your username, password and other personal details for the registration. On the app and Emcoop.ae only one-time registration is required from your devise

Q. I don’t have an Emcoop.ae account. Can I still shop on the app?

You can search and browse for products without an account. However, building a trolley, managing favorites, and checking out all require an emcoop.ae account. 

You can either sign up on emcoop.ae or tap ‘Create an Account’ within the app. 

Q. What Apple devices can I use the app on?

64-bit Apple devices and the oldest devices it will work on are the iPhone 5S, iPad Air 1 and the iPad Mini 2.

Q. Can I use the app on my iPad?

Yes - however, the app is designed with mobile users in mind. While it is available and will work on an iPad, it is not optimized - so it will simply display as a ‘larger’ version of the iPhone app.

Q. Will my app update if I add item(s)s on the website?

yes. our app and website will be synchronized.  Any products you add on the app will be updated on the website and vice versa.

Q. Can I shop from a previous order?


Yes - to do this, go to ‘More’, then tap on ‘Orders’. You will see a list of your previous orders - you can click into any order for details, and shop from any previously completed order.

Q. How do I know if an item(s) has been added to my trolley?

The total price will update on the top right-hand side of your screen. The number of item(s)s will also update on the bottom trolley icon. You will also see an icon appear on the product image showing how many you have in your trolley. 

Q. Can I change my address in the app?

Yes. The app will use your default address as standard, but you can change your address in the ‘Book Slot’ screen. 


To do this, tap your existing address at the top of the screen, and select one of your other addresses from the drop-down. Alternatively, you can add a new address altogether.

Q. Can I amend my order on the mobile app?

Yes. You can amend a pending order on the home screen by tapping the ‘Amend Order’ button - after a few seconds, you will be able to amend your order. 

Alternatively, you can go to ‘More’, then tap on ‘Orders’ for a list of all pending orders. From this screen, you can tap ‘Amend Order’. After a few seconds, you will be able to amend your order.

Please note, your amendments will not be saved until you checkout again. You can do this either on the app or on the website.

Q. How do I know if my order is confirmed?

You will see your order confirmation in the app after checking out and you will also receive an email and an in app notification.

Q. How do I cancel my order?

On the app: go to track & history, click on track, your order details will be shown, you may click on “cancel order”

On Emcoop.ae: You can cancel an order via the My Orders page.

Q. I've no internet connection. Can I still shop on the app?

Most of the app requires an internet connection to use. You will be able to view item(s)s that were in your trolley at the time the app went offline. Any changes made on the website will not be reflected in your app until you reconnect to the internet.

Q. Why don’t products load straight away?

In order to save storage space on your device, the app stores as little information as possible - including product images & data. These are downloaded if & when they are required - such as when browsing the product catalogue. They are then stored for a short amount of time, so if you access these products during the same session, they should load faster.

Q. What happens if the app stops working?


  • If the app stops working come back to try the app later.
  • The app is not synchronized with the website.
  • If the app is down, then you can shop from the website.
  • The app will also not work. Please follow any guidance on the website, and try again later.

If you encounter a problem with the app - please email us at [email protected].


Q. My app is stuck or frozen. What do I do?

  • Double-click the Home Button on your iPhone to show your most recently used app.
  • Swipe along your apps until you find the Emirates Coop app
    Swipe the app up to force it to close
  • Restart the Emcoop app


If the problem persists, please contact Customer Care on 800 327 or email us on [email protected]

Q. I added a product on promotion to my trolley, but now I can’t see the promotion anymore.

One of two things has likely happened:

  • The promotion is no longer valid for the delivery slot you have booked.
  • The promotion has ended since you added the item(s) to your trolley.

Please check the Product Details page to see the dates that the Promotion is valid. 

Q. Do I have to do all my shopping in one go?

No - any item(s)s you’ve added to your trolley will be saved on the app, and on the website - you can return and complete your shop any time you want. 

Q. Why do the delivery slots look different on the app than on to the website?
Our slots look different on the app to make it easier for you to see a wider range of available slots. Although they look different, the time slots are the same.

Q. Where is my data stored?

We don’t store any sensitive information in the app - this is one of the reasons we ask you to re-authenticate when you’re checking out. 

The app calls on the website for all account information, including login, account & checkout information. More information on how your data is stored and kept secure can be found in our privacy policy.

The App may call on the iOS Keychain. If you have enabled this, your iPhone may store some website login credentials, personal details and/or credit card details in the Apple Keychain. For more information on iOS Keychain, see the Apple Support Website.